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The type and range of food a child eats has a direct impact on their health and attitude to food as an adult. We aim to provide the most nutritiously balanced menu of all the day nurseries in and around Milton Keynes.

A gifted chef

Our chef is a parent himself and is naturally talented at creating healthy food that grabs children’s attention and makes eating a positive experience. He provides home-cooked-style food, made largely from fresh ingredients, bought locally.

Where possible, we avoid using processed food – other than the occasional treat. Our chef/cook knows how to create meals that puts a smile on a child’s face and sustain their energy and concentration through the day.

Award-winning food for children
We were delighted to receive the Smile Award Plus, which complements Healthy Start, the national five-a-day message, the Government’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, the Healthy Schools Programme, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.

Although we do have a weaning menu, we prefer to discuss the details of this with parents and tailor it to the individual child.

Cooking activities for children
Our children often take part in special cookery activities so they can learn about different foods and gain a basic understanding about kitchens. They thoroughly enjoy baking, decorating and tasting dishes from other countries.

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