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Ashbourne Day Nursery Facilities

The Ashbourne Day Nurseries Group  has extensively refurbished the nursery at Oxley Park to facilitate its ‘care, nurture, teach’ ethos and so it is a spacious, light and airy place to play, learn and develop.

Garden facilities

Mud kitchen.
Children’s bike area.
A themed area, which regularly changes, designed so that the children get plenty of exercise as they play.
Flowerbeds where children can grow their own flowers and learn about nature.
Summer houses which are themed according to what the children are learning.
Sand play area. 
Water play area.


Indoor facilities
Indoor play and learning facilities are arranged according to age group and there are age-specific children’s toilet and potty training facilities:

Bumblebees (6weeks to walkers)
Ladybugs (up to 2 years of age)
Butterflies  (2–3 years of age)
Grasshoppers  (3 years of age up to school age)

We also have an onsite kitchen where all meals are prepared by our in house cook.

Nursery parking facilities
Ashbourne Day Nursery has its own designated parking area next to a car park for the general public, so there’s always plenty of room.

Wheelchair access
There is wheelchair access throughout the nursery, including lifts and toilets on both floors. The building is designed to accommodate most disabilities.

Although our Nursery is based in a reputable location, we don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the children’s security. We have a high-tech biometric security system on all external doors. Our management team check anyone that comes into our nursery by recognising the parent on our video screens. We also have a strict policy that no parent can let in another individual behind them.    We have recently installed CCTV into our nursery, this is to protect the children and also our practitioners.

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