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Little Flyers, Epping

Little Flyers at Ashbourne Day Nurseries in Thornwood, Epping

Little Flyers Day Nursery in Epping is owned by Ashbourne Nurseries Group, which has enabled substantial investment into its outside play area, children’s playrooms, age-specific toilet facilities and self-contained kitchen. We are well on the way to making it a centre of excellence for children.

Inclusive playing and learning
We believe all children will enjoy playing and learning at Little Flyers Day Nursery. Our garden activities, babies’ sensory and sleeping rooms, the older children’s rooms, toilets and fire exits are all wheelchair accessible.

Autistic children excel in this environment and our discreet specialist skills and facilities have earned us official ‘autism-friendly’ nursery status and an Autism Bronze award.

Home from home caring environment

Our day nursery staff provide some of the most trusted pairs of hands in Epping, and we are on track to become the best place for tailored baby care through to pre-school childcare in the area. Each little character is completely different, and we enjoy getting to know each individual who comes to us. We are natural carers who want to become part of your extended family and cherish your little one(s) too.

A familiar, warm place for baby development through to a world of pre-school fun
We help you in guiding your baby through his/her development – rolling, sitting up, weaning, and then those all-important first steps. When they’re confident at walking they join our Dragonfly and then Firefly before joining Mayfly and Butterfly to play and learn in a pre-school  environment. Your child will be nurtured in a caring environment in which learning, sharing, cooperating, movement and language skill development naturally progress at each child’s pace.

They will thoroughly enjoy our:
•    sensory room
•    mud kitchen
•    children’s water and sand area
•    children’s bike area
•    various art activities, including an outdoor art shed
•    Small World toys
•    pretend house
•    vast array of toys for baby, toddler and pre-school age nursery groups
•    computer club for over-twos
•    music and movement sessions
•    time in the weekly library bus
•    Welsh and French lessons (for the pre-school Mayfly and Butterfly groups).

Outings that support children’s development stages
We take our children on plenty of outings which align with our development plans for each individual; for example, visiting our local farm, Christmas lights display, going on nature walks and shopping trips to buy the things they need to for creative activities, so they understand a little more about how life works.

Plenty of healthy food throughout the day
The food we provide each day starts with breakfast and all the children enjoy age-appropriate meals and snacks throughout the day. They also enjoy cookery activities, where they learn about where food comes from, bake and decorate their own creations, and often sample international dishes. We maintain a five-star hygiene rating.

Getting you involved
Events: We invite parents to plenty of events hosted by the children at Little Flyers Day Nursery, including egg hunts, our special hat parade, a Mother’s Day tea and Father’s Day bacon butty breakfast.

Daily multimedia communication techniques: We send you a link to information about what your child’s been doing that day, 30 minutes before your usual collection time. This facility also enables us to send the occasional photo, or even movie file, so you don’t miss out on those special moments.

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