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Parental Relationships

Parental Relationships

Our relationship with the parents of each child is key at all developmental stages. Strong parent–child relationships support children’s learning – pre-school children, toddlers  and babies value your approval and need it very shortly after they’ve achieved something.

Each child has a key person at the nursery to care for them during the day, but without their parents’emotional contribution in terms of support at home, achievements might feel unrewarded or unappreciated. This is why we use an online system that can notify you as various milestones are reached, before you collect your child at the end of each day.

This approach is championed by our key workers because it builds a strong partnership between them and each child’s main carer. This system also demonstrates to you how we look after your child, keeping your preferences in mind.

Events designed for parents

There are plenty of occasions when parents are invited to come and join in the fun with their children and key worker: these opportunities are listed on your nursery’s events page. The children find it reassuring to see a positive relationship between our staff and their parents, other family members or main carers.

We also hold regular parents evenings to review each child’s development and discuss observations, progress and plans in detail.

The bigger picture
Quarterly newsletters for each nursery are made available online and hardcopies are available in the nursery to give you a wider picture of what’s going on. This also helps to familiarise you with activities for the older age groups – so you have an idea of what to expect as your child progresses towards school age.

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