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Special Needs

Effective Support for Nursery Children with Special Needs

Ashbourne Day Nurseries welcome children with special physical and educational needs. We have specialist professional support and care resources that, in most cases, enable total inclusion. Regardless of disability or impairment, in our care, your child will have fun alongside other children and the best development opportunities that we can provide.

Our nurseries all have ample wheelchair access and the flexibility to accommodate visual and hearing impairments or any other disabilities that affect mobility. There is also a team of special needs coordinators at each nursery to ensure your child receives all the help and support available.

Case Study

One of the children attending our nursery had Fragile X Syndrome which is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems. We researched the disorder and sourced government funding which enabled him to have full-time one-to-one attention while at nursery. He had great fun!

We work with the council to assess circumstances so we can put tailored education plans in place to enable us to prepare the child for school. If we suspect that additional assistance is required, we discuss it with the local authorities to gain additional resources.

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