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Day Nursery Curriculum

Ashbourne Day Nurseries follow an EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) play-based curriculum which enables the children to meet learning milestones, without anxiety, while having fun. Each child has different abilities and talents, and so we create personalised ‘play and learn’ plans to suit each young individual.

Research has shown that signs of effective learning include playing and exploring, active learning, creating and critical thinking.

What is it?
The EYFS is a curriculum for children from 0–5 years. This is a vital period because research shows that, in general, children learn more quickly during the first three years of their life than in the years that follow.It is important to note that the EYFS emphasises that parents are a child’s primary educator, and so our key workers are always keen to take a collaborative approach. The core areas of the curriculum are listed below.

Communication and language
Our nurseries provide a highly communicative environment in which children are encouraged to express themselves through words. We build their confidence and develop their skills in listening, speaking and in beginning to read and write.

Our highly skilled staff gently introduce and explain the concepts of reading and writing, while providing access to a wide variety of reading and writing materialsto draw – and keep – children’s interest.

Numeracy and problem-solving

The children learn about numbers and how to count at an extremely early age – most babies love counting songs because they are usually repetitive.All the children are given plenty of opportunities in the widest range of contexts to learn, practise and explore numbers, shapes, rhythms and measures.

Personal, social and emotional development
We provide the children with experiences and support that will help them develop a positive sense of themselves and of others. They learn about managing their feelings in a positive and reassuring environment before understanding how to show respect for others, share, play with other children, and a raft of other social skills vital to their future.

Understanding the world
It’s important that we help the children to make sense of the world, so we provide opportunities and tools to explore, learn about nature and the environment, find out about people in different communities and places, and learn about technology.

Physical development
Physical development is supported by providing opportunities to be active and interact with others to improve coordination, control and movement. We help our children to use all their senses to learn about the world around them and to make connections between new information and what they already know. This area is linked with meal times, to teach the children about making informed healthy choices.

Creative development
In the nursery, children of all ages explore and play with a wide variety of objects and materials in activities designed to develop their abilities in art and design, music, movement, dance, roleplay and technology. They are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings throughout.

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